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Every child deserves a chance at a hopeful and bright future. Tragically, stroke stands as the 6th leading cause of death among children. But did you know that many don’t even realize children can suffer from a stroke? The phrase, “Stroke Has No Age Limit,” needs to be on every parent’s and caregiver’s radar.

We at AVM Alliance are passionately striving to make a change, and we invite you to join hands with us.

🕑 For every child affected by a stroke, time = brain. The quicker the diagnosis, the better the recovery. But the harsh reality is that many doctors miss the signs in children, as the symptoms can differ vastly from those in adults. With no local programs to educate parents and professionals, many children face unnecessary challenges and delays in their diagnosis and treatment.

Beyond the physical and medical challenges, these young fighters also grapple with feelings of isolation. Misunderstood by peers, they yearn for acceptance and support. We aim to bridge this gap by educating everyone about the brain and the unique challenges faced by children with AVM and pediatric stroke. Knowledge fosters understanding, and understanding nurtures inclusivity.

🌈 Here’s where you come in. Your generous donation will:

  1. Empower us to establish local programs educating about pediatric stroke.
  2. Provide support and resources to families and children affected.
  3. Pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for all children, ensuring no child feels alone in their fight.

Every contribution, no matter how big or small, creates ripples of change. Together, we can bring hope to these children and their families.

Because every child deserves a horizon filled with hope. #StrokeHasNoAgeLimit

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