AVM Alliance Support Network

Empowering Parents Through the Journey

Facing an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) diagnosis for your child can be an overwhelming experience. At AVM Alliance, we understand the challenges you may encounter on this journey. That’s why we are excited to introduce our AVM Alliance Support Intake Form, designed to provide unwavering support to parents like you, navigating through the complexities of your child’s diagnosis.

Our AVM Alliance Support Intake Form is a user-friendly online tool that empowers parents to request personalized support tailored to their child’s specific needs. By filling out the form, you open the door to a network of caring and empathetic Support Specialists who have walked similar paths and are eager to extend a helping hand.

How Can It Help?

Through the AVM Alliance Support Intake Form, parents can share their unique concerns, challenges, and questions about their child’s AVM diagnosis. Our Support Specialists, who are volunteers with firsthand experience in dealing with AVM-related issues, will connect with you to offer emotional support, practical guidance, and valuable insights. They can share their personal journeys, provide coping strategies, and offer the knowledge their have gained while walking on this journey.

A Caring Community – Your Strength

Our AVM Alliance community believes in the power of unity and the strength that comes from shared experiences. By connecting with our Support Specialists, you gain access to a caring community of parents who understand your feelings and can provide a sense of belonging. We stand together to uplift and empower each other through the challenges and triumphs of managing your child’s AVM diagnosis.

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